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Making sense of the world of publicly available information by identifying and contextualizing the critical content you need to make decisions

Sensing with a Purpose

Competitive Intelligence
Tech & Company Discovery
Learning Hub

What decisions are competitors making that provide strategic advantages? (e.g., real estate footprints, hiring pursuits, pricing)

How can I make informed strategic pivots to stay ahead of competition?

Based on the changing technology landscape, what decisions do I make today to prepare for tomorrow?

Who are companies and non-traditional players that can affect my business and mission?

Are there indicators that our strategic plan is working?

How do changing regulations, international relationships, and supply chains effect our strategy?

Are the assumptions that formed the basis of our strategy still valid?

How do I stay current on topics that matter to my job?

How do I keep my workforce current on topics that matter to their jobs?

How do I know when there’s been an important shift in a technology that impacts my business?


Sensing with a Knowledge Graph

Deloitte's SensingBridge continuously scans over 100,000 data sources, delivering only the highest signal information to a web-based platform. 


News, Patents, Research, Grants

Information filtered into the system through the data science layer from automated data sources


Understand where the emerging data is coming from and where it is talking about


Detailed reports written to address specific questions across technologies, companies, and other topics

Entities & People

Entity and individual profiles stored in the system to be persisted with incoming alerts and reports


Understand common themes in your data through connections of keywords and signals 


With all your data growing in one place, the knowledge graph enables insights curated to your objectives


Sensing with Experience

Deloitte has experts in all 15 cabinet-level federal agencies and most Fortune 500 companies. We have access to partnerships across the globe in academia, research labs, and the private sector.

Deloitte's SensingBridge team utilizes repeatable processes to engage our global network, research companies, and experts, in order to deliver curated insights answering some of our clients’ toughest problems.

In addition to leveraging the SensingBridge platform, we draw on databases, tools, and solutions from our Commercial, Federal, and International practices, including our innovation centers in Israel and Japan.





Global practitioner headcount



Cabinet-level agencies


Professionals supporting Federal clients





Private and middle market companies

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