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What is SensingBridge?

SensingBridge™ is a data science platform that generates decision-grade strategic insights synthesized from over 100K data sources. Delivered by Deloitte professionals, SensingBridge™ engagements combine leading strategic consulting services with cutting edge AI tools to tackle your organization's greatest challenges.

Data Sources









Competitive Intelligence

What decisions are competitors making that provide strategic advantages? (e.g., M&A, hiring, pricing, investment)


Who are the companies and non-traditional players that could disrupt my business or mission?

How can I make informed strategic pivots to stay ahead of the competition?


How is the technology landscape changing and what investments can I make to stay ahead of the curve?

Are there technologies my organization can adopt to improve existing operations?

How do I establish long-term alignment between innovative external technologies and internal organizational requirements? 


How do changing regulations, international relationships, and other macroeconomic events affect our strategy?

Are the assumptions that formed the basis of our current strategic plan still valid?

Are there indicators our current strategy is not working?

Industry Experience

Topic Spotlight: Future of Health

What is Future of Health?

The Future of Health instance is a market sensing asset developed by Deloitte to collect and organize market information related to major trends and activities related to the Future of Health space. While trends cover broader concepts (data sharing, empowered consumers, etc.) activity tracking focuses on actions taken by different entity types (incumbents, startups, and orthogonals) to capitalize on trends.

Why is it important?

Seeing clear evidence of shifts in the healthcare landscape will give users the knowledge and confidence move their organizations forward on the journey towards the Future of Health by taking action TODAY.

How Can I Leverage Future of Health?

SensingBridge offers a bi-weekly newsletter showing the most important news within the Future of Health ecosystem with updates provided with the context of key assumptions and Deloitte's evolving perspectives.

Sample content that might be curated includes:

  • Technology and business model innovations

  • Actions taken by entities (M&A, investments, partnerships, etc.)

  • Potential disruption from orthogonals and healthcare startups

Clients with a SensingBridge subscription can dig deeper into a topic through use of the online platform.

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